About Us


Kenline Family has been providing services over past three years for animals wellbeing. At Kenline Pet Family, we are commited to provide trusted premium care throughout our lives.

With a genuine love for animals, Our Kenline team goes beyond traditional grooming by offering top-quality pet medicare services alongside our spa treatments. Our team of compassionate and skilled professionals ensures that your beloved pets receive the best possible care and attention, from a relaxing bath and breed-specific haircuts to regular health check-ups and vaccinations. At Kenline Pet Spa & Salon, we believe in promoting the overall well-being of your furry companions, and our state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge medical equipment reflect this commitment. We understand that your pets are more than just animals, they are cherished members of your family. We ensure their happiness and health are our top priorities.

Our Achivements

In our beloved animal's community to establish sustainable eco-system

  • Pioneers in Pakistan for Standarized Pet Grooming Services

A well Groomed Pet is the Healthier, Happy & Fresh. Kenline Pet Family offering 1st time in Pakistan Standrized Spa & Salon Services without anaesthesia by our higly trained & professional team with love & care. Spa gives soothing affects to your beloved comapnions and resolve number of skin issues. Kenline Pet Family has excellent experiance in dealing with all kind of skin problems through spa & coustamized medicated shampoos with skin specalist vets. We have been offering Hair Styling for all kinds of Pets Breed for the long and short hair by meeting the international standerd of Pet grooming.

  • Pet Boarding & Day-Care

As your beloved pet companions have different emotions and mental thoughts they don’t want to get alone or bored but as we humans have to do multiples chores, we have to deal with different life events, for those chores and these life events, we have been providing trusted premium care with love in fully naturally themed environment so that your beloved pet companion never get feel alone, bored and live happy and healthy. And we are committed to our excellent Pet Boarding & Day-Care Services.

  • Clinical Services 

We have been providing clinical services to domestic and exotic animals for past three years and commited to do throughout our lives with love, care & professional approach.

  • Wellness Plans for animals 

As your beloved companions get aged they need special attention, care, regualr checkups & balanced diet. We are offering wellness plans for your senior pets, as we have done in past three years so that you & your beloved pet companions can spend more life moments togehter.  

  • Pet Psychology

Understanding between you & your pet is mandatory for a great companionship. Every living being has emotions & thoughts by understanding these emotions and thoughts you and your beloved companion pets can enjoy every moment of life. We have set excellent benchmarks for yours beloved companion mental health through consultancy with our professionaly vet pet psychologists.

  • Pet Training

 A well trained pet behaves nicely to everyone, that shows your personality, a well trained pet maintains itself. Your beloved pet companion always likes your commands to perform tasks so we have offered trusted pet training for their nice behaviour to every one and committed to do so throughout our lives.

  • Pet Schooling

Pet Schooling is an art of socialisation between different breeds of  same specie, between different species. Through Pet Schooling your beloved pet companion gets more relaxed, less fear, acclimatised to surroundings and become more playful and happy. We have been  providing pets socialisations services for there better health and future and committed.

  • Pets Import & Export

Human wants peace, comfort and true companionship. Everyone should have a pet for true companionship, we are dealing in every kind of pet to import and export.

  • Rescuing voiceless creatures and Adoption

As animals are our part of community so they have rights on us ,so Kenline Vets Family has done excellent job for hundreds of animals by providing rescue services to these voiceless in their times of need. We proud to have been participated in rabies free Pakistan program as our team has done rabies vaccination to one thousand dogs just in 20 days. 

Our Happy Clients

By giving trusted premium care regarding each and every aspect for your companion pet well-being, emotions and health over past three years, we have satisfied and established more than ten thousands clients and now we have given our face to our happy clients as Pakistan’s first themed facility for your beloved Pet companions named as Kenline Pet Spa & Salon.   

Why choose us?

Kenline Spa Available


Kenline Emergency Care

24/7 Emergency Care

We provide veterinary care all day and all night, with a complete after-hours service.

Pets Care

Injury Management

We provide basic medical care like first aid, stitches, bandages, drains, and help manage pain for wounds and injuries.

Pets Spa


Getting your pet vaccinated can prevent them from getting sick and possibly suffering or passing away from illness.

Dogs Care Spa

Grooming Services

Vet Services offer grooming services at its level best

Wellness Plans

Wellness Plans

This means you can get a plan for all your pet's needs such as food, protection from parasites, vaccinations, regular check-ups, and so on!



Fun and interactive classes designed to support training and development.