Services for Companion Pet Dogs

Our Kenline Team is available around the clock for your beloved comapnion dogs to serve with trusted veterinary premium care.

A well groomed dog is the healthier and fresh dog.

  • Grooming Resolves

Skin issues, Beautify your pet, Makes him playful, Reduce Anxiety, Helps to maintain healthy cot, Reduce Getting sick, pest prevention, Early detection of health issues.

Our Services of Dog Grooming 

We are offering all kinds of hair style for long and short hair dogs breed like (shih-tzu , poodles, chow chow, Pomeranian, husky, maltese, golden retriever, yorkshire terrier, russian etc..) puppies first bath with care and love, senior pets bath and grooming with highly trained team, dematting, tooth, ears, eyes & paws cleaning, hygiene cut and different kinds of spa treatments without anaesthesia for your beloved companion dogs.   

General Orthopaedic soft tissues and emergency surgery.


Dogs have more alkaline mouth than human and can acquire five time more gum issues, so we are offering regular dog dental services.

  • Core vaccines

Canine parvo virus, Distemper, Canine adenovirus, Rabies

  • Additional vaccines

Parainfluenza virus, Leptospirosis

  • Puppy vaccination schedule

10 to 12 weeks DHPP(Distemper, hepatitis, para influenza,parvo virus)

16 to 18 weeks DHPP+Rabies

12 to 16 months ANNUAL DHHPP+Rabies

Every year DHPP+R

We care for your companion dog so offering microchip to your dog that is no more invasive than vaccination. Microchip gives them best chance of being identified and returned to you if they get lost or stolen.

Basic tests for body organs help in diagnosis of early and progressive clinical signs of numerous conditions infecting your dog.

  • We are offering

CBC, RFT, LFT, XRAYS, ULTRASONOGRAPHY, PARASITIC INFESTATIONS, Allergic tests and viral infection tests.

Puppy school is best for socialiazation skills and basic can start from 8 weeks of age to 6 months of age .

How do you know what is truly best for your pets?

KENLINE believes feeding your dog is something you should feel confident about, no second guessing .

  • Essential Nutrients

1. Water

Necessary for proper functioning like , transport of nutrients ,digest food,flust away waste, regulate body temperature by proper functioning the body Enzymes.

Water requirement for the pets do consult from KENLINE.

2. Fat

Necessary for skin issues, protection of internal organs, regulate body temprature.

3. Protien

Necessary for skin, nails, muscles and bones. For body energy.

4. Carbs 

Primary source of fuel.

5. Vitamins

Essential for growth and maintenance.

6. Minerals

Bones and Cartilage formation, Oxygen flow, Nerve and muscle function hormone regulation.   

We are providing boarding facilities for trusted premium care with love in fully naturally themed environment so that your beloved pet companion never get feel alone, bored and live happy and healthy. At your time of need.

We are providing clinical services to domestic and exotic animals with love, care & professional approach. Latest techniques and tentative diagnosis.

Pets get fleas when exposed to unhygine envirnoment, unhealthy practices, not bathing often, nails bitting, matted coat, not properly groomed & not getting dewormed from worms that habitat in dogs intestine that will absorb all food given to your dog causing them not to grow properly. 

We are offering complete removal of ticks, ear mites and fleas. 

Mostly dogs are affected with tapeworms, round worms, and hook worms. causing Diarrhea, Abdominal Pain, Weight loss, Vomiting, Poor coat appearance, Blood in stools.

Euthanasia is important because we care more about animal suffering than human suffering. Human can do what is beneficial for their pleasure and use flawed mental gymnastics to quell their conscience.

So we are offering peaceful euthanasia procedure.

  • Kenline Dog Mart 

We deal in all kind of process dog food, accessories (toys, treats, pots, etc..).


Your puppy’s first year is super important. We want to help you take care of your pup’s health and develop a strong bond with your pet. We are here to support you for life. Our vets can take care of your pup’s health needs, like shots, deworming, chipping, fixing, and what to feed your pup. We also offer a Puppy Pre-School course. The class has small groups of puppies around 8-14 weeks old. Your pup can learn basic training, meet new friends, and the course gives your pup a great introduction to our clinic.

Dogs Care Spa
Dogs Treatments


As your dog ages we can provide you with a comprehensive preventative care program with regular physical exams and annual diagnostic testing for early signs of illness.

Your dog’s health and wellness examination with the vet will include:

Puppy Pre-School

Puppy Preschool consists of fun and interactive classes designed to support your pups training and development.

Puppy Pre-school has classes to help train and develop your puppy. You can play with your puppy and learn basic commands, health care, and social skills with our team for one-hour sessions.

What will you get?

Your puppy will get a positive experience at the vet clinic.

  • Your puppy will get to play and learn with other puppies around the same age in a safe and fun environment.
  • You will be taught basic commands using positive methods.
  • You’ll get information on how to keep your puppy healthy for life and other freebies, vouchers, Q&A’s, and prizes.
  • Please register your interest below. Keep in mind that these classes are for puppies under 12 weeks old.

Here are some Pets who have graduated!